Bulimia Nervosa Dying To Be Thin Analysis

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There are numerous implications associated with Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa as discussed in both the video "Dying To Be Thin" and the articles. There appeared to be a common thread amongst those who suffer from Anorexia Nervosa. As stated in the video by dancer, Katie Tracy who dropped weight drastically within a two week period. She reportedly starved herself for an entire year and fellow dancers praised and envied her new body. A young lady named Erin shown in the video viewed herself as fat, ugly and a disappointment. As stated in the article, Anorexia Nervosa: Friend or Foe? by Serpell, internal reinforcers are more important to the anorexic than social reinforcers in maintaining the disorder. The article also stated that anorexics tend to concentrate on the negativity of the…show more content…
In the video a there was a woman Ann Chavarro, who suffered from this disorder. She believed not many women can say they are completely happy with their bodies which probably led to her binge eating and purging. The feeling is you can eat whatever you want and get rid of it.
In the article titled, Bulimia Nervosa: Friend or Foe? The Pros and Cons of Bulima Nervosa by Serpell, it stated in a study that was conducted, Bulimics have a negative self image of themselves. A couple implications are these individuals often have feelings of shame and lack of self confidence. The second article titled, Bulimia Nervosa: Friend of Foe? The Pros and Cons of Bulimia Nervosa had patients do a writing exercise to their Bulimia. One letter was how they viewed Bulimia as a friend and the other was how they viewed Bulimia as an enemy. In the study it was noted that patients who suffered from Bulimia had more cons than those who suffered from Anorexia, for example, being concerned with hate and social themes. Some of the pros that were noted were individuals could eat but stay slim and they could avoid boredom or fill in
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