Bull Riding

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Aaron Mikles

They say bull riding is the most dangerous sport on dirt. In a lot of ways they are right a lot of people are injured and even killed. In bull riding they say its not if you get hurt its when and how bad. Bull riding has been around for a long time for a few hundred years. Bull riding is an exciting and an adrenaline pumping sport because of the history of bull riding, the way you are scored, and the safety of the rider and the bull. Bull riding has a long rich history, it can be traced back all the way to the early 1800’s. Cowboys would get together and have contests in things they normally do on a ranch like roping and trying to break horses, but you didn’t have to get on the back of a
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A bull rider’s basic gear he uses is a helmet, vest, rope, bell, and chaps. The helmet and vest are used for protection, the rope is what you tie on the bull and what you use to hang on with, the bell goes on the bottom of the rope so when you fall off the rope does to ita also agitates the bull and makes him buck harder, and the chaps are just for looks. In bull riding to even be scored you must stay on for 8 seconds, which is a lot harder than it may seem. People think well its only 8 seconds how hard can that be well there is one thing you have to keep in mind you are getting strapped on to 2,000 pounds of pure muscle that wants you off it’s back so yeah its alot harder than it seems. In bull riding half of your score comes from how well you demonstrate control and correct body position as you matche the movements of the bull without losing his seat and the other comes from how rank the bull is rank is how hard the bull is to ride. If you manage to spur the bull during your quick ride then you could be awarded extra points. If at any time you touch the bull with your free hand you are automatically disqualified. You are scored by four judges two of the judges score your performance from 1-25 the other two score the bull on how hard he was to ride from 1-25 then they all all the scores up and that’s your score and, the maximum score you can get is 100 being a perfect ride. Only one man in
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