Bull Shark Research Paper

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Most everyone thinks sharks eat just about everything but that is just not the case. Most sharks eat smaller fish. Larger sharks prey on seals, sea lions, squid, octopus, and rays. Sharks do not usually hunt humans. When they attack a person it is usually just a mistaken identity. Or they feel threatened in some way. They will usually let go of the person after the first bite. There are 465 known species. The Bull Shark is the first most dangerous Sharks. They hunt during the day and night. The eat almost anything. There are a few sharks that can live and hunt in salt water and fresh water and bull sharks is one of them. They can be anywhere between 7 feet to 11 ½ feet long and weight up to 500 pounds. They are found all over the world and swim up to 25 mph. The second most dangerous shark is the Great White Shark. It can be anywhere from 15 feet to 20 feet long and weight 5000 pounds or more. They are found in cool, coastal waters.The 3rd most dangerous shark is the Tiger Shark. They are also known as the garbage can of the sea cause they will eat anything. Females are bigger than males. They…show more content…
There were sharks during the Jarrassic Period about 150 million years ago. Megalodon means big tooth. It was the biggest, most powerful shark to ever have lived. It is said that the Megalodon grew up to seventy feet in length. That is as long as three great white sharks! Scientist believe that it might have weighed up to 114 tons. Picture that being 1 adult male African elephants. I believe it could have swallowed a school bus Another ancient shark is called Cladoselache. It lived around 380 million years ago. There have been many of these sharks fossils found in North America. Sharks are interesting fish because they don’t really mean to eat humans. Everyone says how scary they are but I think if you stay out of their territory they wouldn't feel threatened. In some places sharks have become an important tourist
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