Bullard Houses Negotiation Essay

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For The Bullard Houses negotiation I was assumed the role of the buyer’s representative. Upon reading the case for the first time, I knew it would be very challenging to negotiate with the seller when I was instructed not to reveal the intended use of the site I was looking to purchase. I prepared by making a list of what I had to keep in mind not to mention as well as the points I wanted to stay within. I had a resistance point of twenty four million and an alternative offer of twenty million, therefore I was going to start my offer around sixteen million if I was offering the opening bid. However, the “seller” I was partnered with had already performed this negotiation, so I took it into my best interest to observe another negotiation …show more content…
The buyer came right out and offered $18 million for the site while also accepting any rezoning responsibilities after the sale (which they were very confident about). The seller seemed shocked in a good way, giving the idea that the offer fit in what he was expecting. He then questioned what kind of payment this would be in and when the buyer told him they would be able to do it in cash it almost seemed like a done deal. This surprised me very much because I couldn’t imagine the reality of a buyer handing over $18 million dollars in cash for this site when the seller still wasn’t too sure what the new intentions for the land were. However, this seemed like a perfect offer for both the buyer and seller as long as the main Bullard Houses/building was preserved as well as keeping the Bullard name with the new development. The acceptance of the offer continued to obtain rapport between both parties and this closed the negotiation Learning after the negotiation that the seller should have not sold due to the original purpose of the land and the barriers they were to obey, made it even more frustrating for the buyer to seal the deal. The only thing I would have done differently as the buyer in this negotiation is not reveal anything about what our intentions were for the land as specified by my

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