Bulldogs Speech

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I hope that my speech has shed some light on the bulldog breed. Their history, unique features, and random facts, and I wish that you have all learnt something new about them today. Thankyou for you're time."

English bulldogs were once used to guard, control and bait bulls. They are known for their strength, intelligence and stubborn nature.
English bulldogs are strong, stubborn dogs that should be given obedience training and socialization from the time that they are small puppies to ensure that the puppy grows up into a mature, calm individual that can be trusted to behave.
English bulldogs have a number of health issues that make specialized care important. They are prone to overheating and should be kept indoors in extreme
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* You leave home for much of the day. * You want a companion to hang out with after a hard day's work.
Bulldogs love to be with their families, but they also like to snooze the day away. You can go off to work and know that your Bully isn't desperate for an afternoon game of fetch. And when you return home, your pal will be waiting for a snuggle on the couch.
When you come home and plop down on the couch, you may notice that your Bully has left behind a present for you. You have dog hair all over your black pants! A Bulldog's short and smooth coat sheds much more hair than you may imagine, and your Bulldog sheds year round, but you won't have the hours of combing, brushing, and trimming maintenance that you would with many longer-coated breeds. Do pay attention to his wrinkles, though; you can easily manage a little touch up during your evening TV time on the couch.
You must realize that your Bulldog is your companion; she isn't an athlete. In fact, Bulldogs are predisposed for lounging around. If you want a dog to keep you company in your active lifestyle, consider a different breed.
The Bulldog isn't built for speed, and even if she wanted to run, jump, and play for extended periods of time, she just can't. Her short, pushed-in nose doesn't allow airflow like active dogs, and an elongated soft palate and small trachea further hamper a Bully's breathing. High heat and humidity also make Bulldogs unhappy, and hot conditions can affect
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