Bullied Narrative

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Bullied-Personal Narrative

It hurts, It hurts worse the 1,000 needles digging into your skin. A hole just forms in your heart and sucks you in. It all started that one day, the seed of all massacre. We were at Elitch Gardens. Me, Sam, and Maddie. Earlier than expected, Sam was upset. She stayed silent, and didn’t ride any of the rides. She stayed silent and ignored me and Maddie. Even when we tried to confront her about the problem. I was getting restless, but I kept to riding the rides with Maddie, at the same time feeling bad about not including Sam, but, she was doing this to herself.

She then called her mom to pick her up. At this point, it was unacceptable. I confronted her more aggressively, stating my problem and
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We actually tried to include her, it just didn’t work out that way. The next day, Sam tried to act like nothing happened. I was still mad and hurt, so I left the Skype conversation. I knew I needed a break from her, but she couldn’t accept that. She kept trying to contact me, over text or another social media platform. She just kept trying to get to me, regardless of how much I tried to shut her out.

She got to me over hangouts, bringing Charlotte, who had already taken her side. The defined me as a “terrible controlling person who thought she was the only one with feelings” I just remember curling up in a ball and crying that night, drenching my pillow in tears. The pain was too brutal to hold in. Another time was when I was in the car with my family and Charlotte was texting me about all these things going bad for her, I felt so bad for her that I just burst out crying, but she was just trying to make me feel bad.

I thought I wanted to end my life, the pain was just too much to handle, so I visited where I needed to get help and ended up meeting some pretty amazing people. Anyway, as of right now the school is trying to help me avoid Samantha. Her presence still forms that hole in my heart
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