Bullies Vs Bystanders

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Bullies or Bystanders?

Today's world is full of mean bullies and rejecting bystanders. Both groups are terrible to encounter, but have you ever wondered which one is worse? I have also asked that same question. Then, I did much research over the past few weeks on the topic. Finally, I have come to a conclusion. Being a bully is worse than being a bystander because if there were no bullies, there would be no bystanders, there is lots of guilt for the bully, they target certain kids, and they are the main cause for suicide.

To begin with, if there were no bullies there would be no bystanders. This fact is very important when comparing the two. Bullying leads to bystanders mainly because of targets. If bullies didn't exist,
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The bully could lose the trust of their loving family. According to Dustin O'Field, the vice principal of Barboursville Middle School, the bully can receive up to 10 days of suspension and could possibly be expelled. In source 3, it explains that some people feel very guilty if they hurt another person. Imagine how guilty a bully might feel after hurting someone constantly. For these reasons, guilt can make being a bully worse than a bystander.

In addition, bullies target certain kids. According to, bullies will target gifted kids because they are smarter than they are. They will target introverted kids who have trouble making friends. Worst of all, some bullies will even target kids with disabilities. Kids like this can be extremely hurt both physically and mentally from bullying. Bullies can make life tougher than it should be for many kids. Ultimately, bullies are worse than bystanders because of targeting these kids.

Finally, bullies are one of the main causes for suicide. According to, being bullied is a major cause for suicide. Bullying can cause depression, the main reason for suicide. Kids who attempt suicide can die or cause serious damage to themselves. Many kids would still be alive today if they were never bullied. Given these points, bullies are worse than bystanders because bullies can make their victims commit
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