Bullies are Criminals

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Bullies are everywhere and they can be found at church, home and most importantly in schools. Nevertheless, there is no raised hand to stop the criminals or make no plans to stop them. Society pays more attention to the victims when they have gone to drastic measures.However many might say that at that moment a child is dead, has psychological damage, or puts others in harms way it too late. Bullies are criminals and they should be treated as such, but if society worked together to help or stop them early then maybe a bully won't become a bully. Nevertheless, in order to make a solution one must understand the problem itself.
A bully is someone that uses their strength or influence to intimidate or force them into doing what they want. They strip their victims of any power or control and do this day after day with no remorse. They feed off of others pain and smile when they have made other cringe when they're around.With this being said, there are different types and levels of bullying in society today. With bullies in man's everyday life, it might be hard to tell the difference with just a look. However, the various types of bullying are known more on school grounds. This is the problem society must deal with in order to help or cure our bullying epidemic. Every morning, thousands of children are terrified to walk into school. This isn't because they don't like school or they don't wanna get up. These child decant focus on their education because one of their peers
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