Bulling : The Problem Of Bullying In The Workplace

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"You're going to hell!" Everybody threatened even God, and he is the angriest person in the bible, so why not corporations. Ethics and moral values are deteriorating. We are slowly losing our humanity. We are selfish in our motives, and the conduct of our behavior gives an indication of our morals. Moreover. managers do not want to know if there is an ethical violation within the corporation or if someone is being harassed or bullied. Unfortunately, bulling is an important fixture in the business world, as a result of that managers are destined to deal with the problem of bullying, and pretending that it doesn't exist. Essentially, managers would rather unburden the company of the employee being bullied, and restore harmony to the company at the expense of he victim. Additionally, bullying, not only puts the victim at risk, but management as well. They depend on the company for their livelihood, and this type of activity in the workplace gives the corporation an introverted feeling toward management. Moreover, the committed act of bullying is usually a person of authority, coupled with a few associates in the same department where the bullying is taken place. A display of force is exhibited forcing the cooperation of all the employees into submission, jobs are threatened, and employees speculating about their financial responsibility, and their families. It is either the victim or them, and the issue usually is a combination of jealousy and envy. Nonetheless, the ethical
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