Bulloch County: Demographic Analysis

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Bulloch County was formed on February 8, 1796. Cities such as Statesboro, Portal, Brooklet, and Register makes up this county. The City of Statesboro is located in the southeastern corner of Georgia, at approximately 13 square miles with an average elevation of 240 feet above sea level ( Statesboro is the largest city out of Bulloch County with an average population of 27,000 residents (visitstatesboroga). The city consist of 15,457 Whites, 11,402 Black/African American, 847 Hispanic/Latino, and 562 Asian ( Statesboro has two great institutions, Georgia Southern University and Ogeechee Technical College. Georgia Southern University is located within the City of Statesboro, while Ogeechee Technical College is located just outside the city on Highway 301 South ( Although Statesboro is known for its intuitions, it is also known to have a high poverty rate of 47.2% (…show more content…
According to cliffnotes, there are different types of poverty; absolute poverty: the lack of access to the minimum food and shelter that is necessary for maintaining life; relative poverty: the poor who earns less than half of the nation median income, so they tend lack what is necessary to live decently; feminization of poverty: a number of single women who live in poverty alone, mainly as single mothers; and cultural poverty: where nothing can be done to change their economic outcomes. There are so many serious effects from poverty, but children are known to be affected the most. It is shown that children who grow up in poverty are more likely to suffer from more persistent, frequent, and severe health problems, than those children who grow up in a better financial circumstances and environment
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