Bully: A Fictional Narrative

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SLAM! I watched Arnold get slammed into a locker by Steve. I didn’t know what to do. This was a common thing that happened every day. I decided I should tell a teacher. We were learning about algebra, so I had to wait for math to end so I could tell Mr. Willmon what Steve is doing. I thought it will be a piece of cake, but as the class went on, the more I thought about getting bullied myself by Steve. The bell rang and Arnold scurried out of the classroom. “Mr. Allen, you may leave now”, he said a bit after everyone left. “Um… Ah… Mr. Willmon? Steve is ah…” I stopped as I saw Arnold walk by. “Steve is bullying my friend Arnold”. I finally could make out. At this, Mr. Willmon stood up. “Thanks for letting me know” smiled at me and left. “Mr. Thompson I need to talk to you.” I heard him saying in the faintly as he left. I met up with Arnold in the halls. “It is done”, I said triumphantly.…show more content…
“I addressed Mr. Willmon that Steve keeps bullying you.” “You What!?! Now he’s going to bully me even more! Now he’s….. now he’s…” “Not going to bully you”. Someone said behind me. “Mr. Willmon… I … Didn't know you were there.” Arnold stuttered. “Don't you worry about Steve anymore, I'll make sure of it. Mr. Willmon stated “Tha...Thank.. You Mr. Willmon…” Arnold said, still looking a bit uneasy. “You're very welcome Arnold, have a great day boys,” and left giving me a wink.
Arnold nodded, thanked me, and went on his way finally able to smile. I felt better being able to stand up for Arnold. I felt better being able to make someone smile and I think that I did the right
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