Bully Or Not The Bully?

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Sanjana Shankar #26 February 2nd, 2017 To Bully or Not the Bully?

(Topic Sentence) Anyone, no matter their race, orientation, shape, or size can be a victim of an injustice such as bullying, due to how others believe they should act. (Background Info) Jamie Nabozny was very young when he came out to his grandmother. While he never told his fellow classmates the foreshadowed truth about himself, he began to get abused and bullied by his peers at both Ashland Middle and High School based on his sexual orientation. When he tried to tell a higher authority, his principal, she simply stated that, “boys will be boys” and did not offer any assistance. Due to this constant abuse, Nabozny began to consider
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He was beaten so badly, that he could barely move through the severing pain. He had been hurt to the point of needing surgery, yet he was forced to keep his mouth shut when the bully said, “Tell anyone, and I’ll kill you.” Despite the severity of the threat, and the harm caused to both his dignity and his body, when prompted to take a legal stance on the issue, he did it. He understood that there were children all around the globe that were facing similar threats. He knew that his own experiences with the desire to take his own life or the thoughts that he was lacking as a human being were shared with many students in the world. (Elaboration of Point and Evidence) Therefore, he decided to take actions that would better his own small community, and children everywhere. After these events transpired, Jamie eventually sues the lacking school district due to their blatant inability to protect him as a person and his identity, that he hoped that he could be proud of one day. (Explain how Main Point and Example(s) Support Thesis Statement) The inspiring and emotional story of Jamie Nabozny standing up to the cruel acts of bullying helps to support many children’s choices and create a safer atmosphere for individuals being bullied based on their preference. (Significance) Along with this, his resilience in a dangerous situation in order to better the world for young children, and his
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