Bullying : A Child 's Worst Nightmare

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Bullying. A child 's worst nightmare; it is a terrible and recurring sight in society. All children can handle this differently. The causes of bullying are normally related to how a child is raised or just on his/her mental status. Bullying has negative effects on everyone involved; the bully, the victim, and even the bystanders. The prevention or stopping of bullying is necessary for society. By having a clear understanding of the causes and effects of bullying it will guide people to stopping or preventing bullying.
Bullying has a variety of leading causes. A major cause of bullying is social issues. Children have begun to realize that by acting out they will receive attention (Why do People Bully?). They do not realize this is a negative form of attention. A child that receives very little attention in social situations is likely to bully to obtain the attention he/she desires. Children could also not have the proper skills to act well behaved in public, leading them to bully (Why do People Bully?). A child not having the properly developed skills to work in public would make him/her feel out of place causing him/her to act out. The occurrence of bullying is also due to family issues. When a child is dealing with issues at home with things such as finances, abuse, or attention loss it can cause him/her to bully. A child receiving improper or no discipline is more likely to bully because he/she will believe there is nothing wrong with what he/she is doing. If a child is
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