Bullying: A Little too Far? Essay

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For decades bullying has been nothing more than what the average child experience it was almost just a part of growing up. Starting from the elementary school playground next the middle school locker room and finally high school hall ways. Society has only pushed it to the side as a minor problem, prompting kids to face their bully forcing the bully to say sorry and forcing victims to accept the apology with the given of options A. be friends or B. stay away. Unfortunately this 21st century “bullying” has undoubtedly transformed its self into its own monster. Due to more ways of communication and self-freedom kids have these days it seem society has walked itself into something bigger then “minor” bullying. Furthermore, there have been…show more content…
Not only does open cyber space play a role as a tool for bullies, there has been a connection to those who have passed due to being bullied all suffered from depression of some sort. Ultimately, the reason for mentioning this is because sadly in turn it starts to make an individual feel different like something’s missing and with rapid torment they start to believe they’re useless and have no self-belonging. Unfortunately, at the age of 15 everything seems hard to deal with and it’s difficult to grasp onto a dream of tomorrow. At any rate, cyber bullying has become teen’s number one way of harassment. In fact cybullicide has become so common kids and some adults don’t even recognize the fact they’re doing it. Additionally, research has shown that 75% of cyber bullying occurs through sites such as Facebook, twitter, kik, Instagram and Ask.fm [3] which is most notoriously known for its cases involving cyberbullying. In addition, in an article on Nobullying.com; 83 percent of girls, and 79 percent of boys report being bullied either in school or online [4]. Many parents worldwide have grown more understanding of the situation and is starting to realize that over time this case is becoming more dangerous to our growing generation and possible future. Furthermore, while many others see the massive extent this situation has left on parents,
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