Bullying : A Negative Aspect Of A Student 's Life

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Bullying in the educational system has always been a negative aspect of a student’s life and although the Canadian government has implemented preventive measures to deal with this societal vice, bullying till this present day still remains prevalent without significant reduction in bullying. This is a serious issue in today’s society. In order to understand this issue it is important to know the definition of bullying and the different forms of bullying that take place in the lives of young individuals. Bullying can be defined as imposing dominance over other people of lower physical or intellectual ability by using threats, intimidation, coercion or even force. Bullying can also be defined as inflicting harm on others by verbally,…show more content…
The only things that are required for bullying to take place are the bully and the person being bullied. The locations where bullying can take place are limitless, and it is therefore very wise to address this issue from an overall perspective so as not to neglect other areas where bullying might be prevalent. There have been various studies, works and researches that have been done over the years with regard to peer victimization. Olweus (1995), who is a lead researcher and also a pioneer in studies to do with bullying, emphasizes the fact that for peer victimization to be exclusively defined as bullying there has to be repeated and somewhat persistent deliberate actions which affect the person negatively by his foes and sometimes friends. Craig Pepler (1997) indicates that among the fundamental characteristics of bullying is the perception of inequality of power between the victim and the bully. He goes on to say that this imbalance is mostly as a result of having physical advantage over the victim, which in most cases is strength and size, the victim is therefore not able to prevent these actions by defending themselves. In a twist of the norm, (Veenstra et al, 2005), suggests that some children can fall prey to victimization even though they may be bullies. Veenstra goes on to say that this situation can be majorly attributed to the environment, company or setting the children may find themselves in. Also, in a
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