Bullying : A Social Issue

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BULLYING: A SOCIAL ISSUE 2 Abstract Bullying is an issue that has been overlooked for many years because of students being frightened to tell that they are being bullied. Many teachers, administrators, and school counselors underestimate the amount of bullying that takes place within schools. The behavior of bullying has impacted so many students’ lives to the point of causing a student to want to cause harm to his or her self or others. Many students that bully threaten their victims by telling them if they decide to tell an adult they will get beaten up worse. Bullying can cause a student to suffer from emotional distress that interferes with the student’s learning ability. BULLYING: A SOCIAL ISSUE 3 Bullying: A Social Issue The issue of bullying became a concern in the United States after researchers found that many school shootings were a result of students wanting to get revenge for being a victim of bullying. It first appeared that they were loners or individuals who set out to hurt others for their own satisfaction, but they were actually finally standing up for themselves. Bullying can cause students to lose their identity and feel useless. Students who are victims of bullying become depressed and may suffer from psychological issues. Many students that are being bullied suffer from low levels of self-esteem, anger for not standing up for themselves, or hopelessness. The behavior of bullying can destroy another
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