Bullying : Abolish Negative Workplace Atmosphere

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Workplace Bullying: Abolish Negative Workplace Atmosphere Bullies are like chameleons. What they do and say may not always be visible, but their words and actions still impact another person’s life. Bullying does not stop once you graduate; however it continues on into the workplace. This must be stopped. Workplace bullying is inappropriate and it produces unbearable environments that lead to negative workplace atmospheres. The main people involved in the situation, the harmful and destructive effects on the victim and the chance to prevent bullying all tie the fact together that bullying should and can be stopped. Mistreatment is preventable and the amount of suffering it causes is unnecessary. Taking these points into consideration, it will overall show how the bullies, bystanders and victims all play a role in abolishing workplace bullying. Bullies, Bystanders and Victims According to Canadian Institutes of Health Research, 40% of Canadians have experienced workplace bullying that occurs on a weekly basis (2012). First of all, what exactly is classified bullying? It can be defined as “repeated, persistent, continuous behaviour as opposed to a single negative act and is generally associated with a power imbalance between the victim and perpetrator, where the victim feels inferior” (OSACH, 2009). This means that almost anyone can fill in the role of the bully if they are repeatedly aggressive to another individual. Due to this, individuals may feel unsafe at work as they

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