Bullying Among Adolescents And The United States

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Bullying amongst Adolescents in the United States
Alyssa Bailey
California State University, Fullerton Bullying amongst Adolescents in the United States
Bullying has gained increased focus in recent decades, in part because of the intensified media coverage on the subject. Tragic events such as school shootings tend to bring the topic of bullying to the forefront of media coverage because once the shooter’s background is further investigated, a history of peer victimization is often uncovered. While the ______ of these events should not be _______, it is important to understand that children across the nation struggle with peer victimization every day and their voices often go unheard. Though they may not resort to such intense violence as those seen on the news, their struggles should not be overlooked. Developmental theorist Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development (1993) places young adolescents in the “Industry vs. Inferiority” stage, in which children realize their competence in various academic and social contexts. From this theoretical perspective, a child in this stage who is consistently being put down by bullies and made to feel ashamed of his/herself may have trouble successfully moving through this stage of development, possibly leading to problems in his/her socio-emotional health. Victims of bullying experience more negative emotions and have more negative thoughts about themselves than children who are not bullied (Hawker & Boulton, 2000).…
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