Bullying Among Girls And Boys

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Bullying Incidences among Girls and Boys in High School
Geneva Summerville


To determine if there is a high incidence of bullying among girls than boys in 10th grade students in high school, 350 students between the ages of 17-17 will be studied. The gender make-up of the students will be exactly 175 females and 175 males from all ethnicities. Each student will take a 15 item survey that will consist of questions relating to bullying and if the consequences of reporting bullying stops or continues. Data from the survey will be shared with the school administration for review of the measures that are in place for reporting of bullying.

Chapter I:

The purpose of this study is to determine if there are more incidences of bullying among girls than boys in the high school setting. Experimentation will be conducted that allows for students to openly share their feelings about bullying and if reporting the incidences causes it to cease or continue to happen. The study’s conclusion will help the administration at the school determine if bullying continues to be a problem and it will also allow the administration to determine if the reporting measure that’s currently in place deems effective.
Bullying has been at the root of school violence for a very long time. Studies show that as school shootings surfaced in the media (Peters, 2012), many of the cases were…
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