Bullying And A Child 's Development

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As more and more children go to school, the rates of bullying go up as time goes by. there are many times at which students suffer all the bullying that occurs within their lives. As more schools become aware of the magnitude of the bullying occurring right under their noses, there are rules created to aid the victim. There are various types of bullying and these are created to do one thing, instill superiority among the “stronger” and place a feeling of inferiority. Bullies are the ones who are detrimental to a child’s development. As the issue of bullying continues to be an overwhelming presence, some were pushed to their limits. In one girl’s case, the bullying was so harsh that she took her own life. Megan Taylor Meier, was described as a young girl who was very enthusiastic. However, Megan was also seeing psychiatrist regarding her problems about her own image. In the seventh grade, Megan Meier “had tried desperately to join the popular crowd at Fort Zumwalt West Middle School, only to be teased about her weight” . (Maag) As Megan moved to a Catholic school, she had lost 20 pounds and also gained a new group of friends. However, Megan’s life would soon take on a huge twist. Megan had a MySpace and it soon that through this website that her universe would change. It was through MySpace that she meet Josh Evans, a seemingly nice home schooled, phoneless boy of the age 16, and the two messaged one another continuously. The boy and Megan quickly became close and formed
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