Bullying And Bullying At School

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When I was a young girl and I would discuss bullying with my parents I always told “You never let anyone bully you or put their hands on you”. It was a common in my society to hear the statement “If someone hits you then you hit them back”. Now that I am a mother the thought of those statements still come to mind, when speaking to my children about bullying at school. In today’s society what we know and understand as bullying does not require a school or playground, these actions take place right in your own home. Cyberbullying is an aggressive ongoing behavior that takes place online via electronic technology such as cell phones, computers, and tablets. These aggressive behaviors are on social networks and may also come in the form of an email, text messages, pictures and videos, phone calls, instant messaging. These electronics are now given to children from their parents or they are accessible within their household, and there is little to no regard of the difficulty they may face amongst their peers. Because cyber bullying starts within the household I believe that parents should also be held accountable for any grievances, or victimized children under their guardianship. Some people may ask “what is cyber bullying” or “how does it vary from what we have always known bullying to be”? As previously stated Cyber bullying takes place using today’s electronic technology as well as communication tools. Cyber bullying is very aggressive behaviors that is commonly known to

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