Bullying And How It Can Effect A Student 's Education

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Bullying and How it Can Effect a Student’s Education Bullying such as physical or verbal or cyber can distract a student and get him or her to only think about the hurtful things that are done to them causing them to fail one class or more. Bullying cannot only effect the life of a teen student but can also effect their education. These actions can drive a student towards the path of not graduating high school and failing to meet their goal.It has been proven on a recent interview by Ellen Daniels-U with a professor in the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education that “bullying at a high school is a noteworthy problem that is associated with the most serious outcome—failure to graduate.” (Futurity. Dewey Cornell. 5 November 2012.). It can be easily understood why bullying can make a student fail, most of the time these students give up and stop trying because they get putdown a lot. Bullying can make a student change their behavior thatcan earn them an unsatisfactory mark on their report card. Do we want the next generation to fail because of some bully and the school not giving their full attention on the problem? Bullying should be every school districts number one concern. Bullying has a strong effect on people that cannot just lead them to commit suicide but to also fail a class. Bullying can also lead to great amount of stress and make a student want to drop out school because of the things that has been said or done to them. Bullying can also have an
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