Bullying And Incivility ( B & I )

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Bullying and incivility (B&I) has become near and dear to my heart because I was bullied a few years ago by my supervisor. In the midst of the occurrence, it was very upsetting and after the occurrence I made up excuses for her behavior. But the next day on my way to work, my heart started racing, my stomach was upset and I was just really uncomfortable and anxious. At that point, I knew that I had to do something about it. I consider myself a strong person and can put up with a lot. So I imagined this happening to someone who did not have my same spirit and asked how would they feel, how often does bullying occur in our current setting and what has been done to combat bullying and incivility. Unfortunately, leadership has…show more content…
It is expected and is passed on to each generation of nurses. Nonetheless, it is not right! It is not professional and it is causing a detriment to the nursing profession, patients and families we care for, and the healthcare organizations we work for. The following statistics about bullying and incivility are not only startling, they are truly appalling. According to Larson (2013), the ANA reported that18-31% of nurse’s experienced bullying in the work place. It has been reported that 93% of nurses have been a witness to bullying, while 85% of nurses have reported being a victim of bullying (Christie & Jones, 2013; Coursey, Rodriguez, Dieckmann, & Austin, 2013; Wilson & Diedrich, 2011). Unfortunately, my healthcare organization has not been effective in tracking or isolating this data. Worse yet, the organization have not surveyed nurses to even acknowledge that a problem exists. Nonetheless, during exit interviews, nurses have stated that they are resigning as a response to the lack of managerial support and the bullying and uncivil environment. Leadership has stated that they are aware, but they have been ineffective in managing it and halting it altogether. Bullying and incivility causes an unhealthy work environment, which affects the staff, patients, and the organization. Some of the effects on staff include burnout, anxiety, depression, increased absenteeism, poor communication, decreased moral, decreased job satisfaction,
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