Bullying And Its Effect On Children 's Development Essay

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Bullying can happen as young as the child is placed in an environment associating with other children. As a matter of fact, bullying can happen at home when the child has another sibling also known as sibling bullying. There are several types of bullying from physical, social, verbal to cyber bullying. In this research paper, it will cover how bullying as a whole affects the child’s development. Bullying is typically a form of an ongoing aggressive behaviour intentionally directed at a certain individual or individuals to cause fear and harming towards the other person’s feeling or self-esteem by doing so, the bully can earn status and power. Even though, there are still many issues happening about bullying; bullying is still a huge problem in today’s world. In fact, bullying is disguise as a normal rite of passage for children, parents and guardians do not see how it is affecting the child’s development, however, it is affecting their health issues, self-esteem, and suicide and even cause a slower development.
The final result that they have received from the students were that children who were bully had a higher chance for depression compared to children who were not involved in bullying behaviour. It also mentioned that “Children who were being bullied had a higher risk for psychosomatic complaints such as headaches, sleeping problems, abdominal pain, anxiety, feeling unhappy, bad appetite, and bed-wetting”. (Fekkes, Pijpers, & Verloove-Vanhorick, 2004). This proves
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