Bullying And Its Effect On Society

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Many people recognize the golden rule as “Treat others how you want to be treated”. This rule simply goes further than just being amiable to people. This aspect should be followed throughout the everyday lives’ of people. One way that this legendary stipulation may be exploited is through the familiar conviction of bullying. Bullying has been entrenched in American society as a relevant issue for quite some time. The word “bully” derives back from as far as the 1530’s. In 1838, the novel, Oliver Twist, exhibited the first use of bullying within literary work. Years later, in 1862, the first account of bullying was reported. Over one hundred years following this, the first proposition of an anti-bullying law was constructed. As time has persisted, the issue has began to proliterate, and become more pertinent. Bullying issues can potentially occur in places such as school, homes, and communities. Commonly, bullying spans all age groups as it involves two or more people. Today, bullies use their domination to out shine other individuals. When the bully conveys authority over the weak victims, the bully then has any superiority to command any condition that may emerge. Even if an individual disregards bullying in any way then they are simply taking part in it. Although bullying may not be seen or heard all the time, it is arising everywhere around the world. Bullying is becoming an increasingly overwhelming publication; however, knowing the types of bullying, effects of

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