Bullying And Its Effects On America 's Schools Today

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Bullying, often labeled as just a part of growing up, is a major problem in America’s schools today. Although it is such a hot topic in our country right now, it is also a long ignored problem that only seems to worsen. The complication with bullying is that no one quite understands it, and it is not taken seriously. The definition of bullying is an overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people. In more simple terms, bullying is not a onetime incident; it is repetitive and happens among individuals when there is an imbalance of power. Statistically, every one in six children are bullied, and this cannot continue to take place. Every child has the right to feel safe and have the pursuit of being happy in which bullying completely takes those rights away. There has been conflict among people since the beginning of time, but when did bullying actually start? In her book, Bullying, Beth Rosenthal states that we are “living in a culture that encourages dominance and competition” (63). America’s culture has allowed bullying to become acceptable which is such a terrible matter. Not only is it an accepted part of our society today, but bullying is embedded in our DNA which is no wonder bullying has escalated so quickly over time. Many adults today claim that bullying was not around when they were attending school, and instead it was just labeled as “boys being boys” or “girls being mean.” However, bullying has always been around which draws
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