Bullying And Its Effects On Children

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Bullying is unwanted behavior that causes a child to feel isolated and alone. In order for an act to be considered bullying the act has to be, or be able to be repeated multiple times. Bullying can be done verbally by teasing, name-calling, taunting or inappropriate sexual comments directed at someone to purposefully upset them. Bullying can be done socially by isolating students on purpose, telling other students not to play with them, spreading rumors about students or attempting to embarrass them in public. Bullying can also be done physically by hitting, kicking, spitting, tripping, breaking property or making rude gestures. Most bullying is done during unstructured times such as recess, lunch, in the hallways, before school or after school. There is typically less adult supervision during those times. All of these things are meant to bring down the self-esteem of others. Bullying can have very serious effects on both students being bullied as well as the bully themselves.

Cyber Bullying Cyber bullying is bullying that uses technology such as computers, laptops, cell phones or IPad’s to isolate students in a similar way to physical, verbal or social bullying. What makes cyber bullying different is that children who are cyber bullied are also bullied at school too. This makes it very difficult for the child to escape bullying. Cyber Bullying can happen 24/7 and can reach children even when they are alone. Cyber bullying can be done anonymously and can
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