Bullying And Its Effects On Society

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For the popular and socially acceptable, it is hysterical to think they could understand the pain and hurt felt by those bullied and harassed in grade school. They have their nearly perfect lives, fancy clothes, shining pearly whites, and overly priced shoes. One cannot blame them for their blessings and ability to possess such extravagant things. However, one can slightly blame them for their attitude towards others who are not as fortunate as they may be. This sense of entitlement has led to inequality which has plagued not just one country but the entire world. This monstrosity can be seen not only in the United States but as well as thirty-five other countries. Today’s youth have experienced nearly twice as much bullying than past generations.
In the United States it is shown that forty-eight percent of junior high and high school students have been bullied. Seventy percent of all grade school students in the United States say they have bullied or have seen a fellow classmate bullied. The types of bullying in today’s schools include: physical, social, verbal, and cyber bullying. This is a problem that has been brought to the attention of school systems all over the world, the problem however can never seem to be eradicated. Thousands of ideas have been implemented and thousands have failed, due to the fact that those minds developing the cures to bullying have more than likely not experienced the mental and physical pain it can cause first hand. As a person who

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