Bullying And Its Effects On Society

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I grew up in the 1970’s, when acts of bullying were considered more as a rite of passage. Today, we recognize the act as a type of violence. More scrutiny has been focused on this issue than it ever has been in the past. There are rules in schools, churches, as well as anywhere children or young adults interact. One might presume that this would show that this act of domination and humiliation would be on a serious decline. This is not the case. While some of the increase in bullying is because it was not considered a serious problem, nor tracked when I was a child, the means of bullying has never had greater for humiliating others.
When I faced my bullies against me, the Internet was two decades for becoming common place and social media
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Reading this, you will take a journey across my life, from my earliest memories to overcoming my darkest times. Bullying is akin to hearing loss. Like the loud bass blasting from oversized speakers at a rock concert or the roar of jet engines during a flight, individual instants of bullying can be momentarily painful. Like repeated loud, overbearing sounds flooding the inner ear, continued bully can create irrevocable damage. Moreover, when this damage moves across years, the target of this bullying can become accustomed to it. The familiarity can stunt growth, the development of social skills, or as it was for me, invite greater crimes.
My life has always felt like dining room kitsch, bordering between an ideal and the trivial. Looking back, I realized I spent years looking for respect, acceptance and most notably, for love. I grew up in a loving extended family, yet for many parts of my life, they were strangers. At times, someone in my family would speak about when this happened and how painful it was or how the family was affected. Sometimes, I heard the retelling of this story as if I was listening to a program about a stranger’s life.
While this is my story, in the larger context, it is a mirror to the broader issue of bullying and abuse, which so many children and young adults have faced or still face today. Much of my life has been wrapped around dealing with the pain of my own experiences that there are swathes of my brother and my sister’s

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