Bullying And Its Effects On Society

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Have you ever felt unsafe going to school, have you ever been bullied, or have you ever just had negative thoughts about how to go on with life? When people are bullied they feel unsafe and without them feeling safe it makes them in a unwanted environment and have negative thoughts about life. It is very important for teachers to take a bigger approach on bullying because it can go undetected, be harmful to students, and have a negative impact on families. This also will make the environment where the bullying is taking place a negative place for others. Other people may say that they should just move then they can have a fresh start. However it is absolutely critical for schools to take a bigger approach towards bullying because it can…show more content…
So therefore the situation will still go undetected Granello also notes that, “More services, including drop-in counseling for students and parents next week.They hope discussions about mental health issues, at school and at home, will help students to realize they are not alone.” In other words people are having to spend more money to go to a counselor that they might not even open up to or talk to so, then there would be no sense in going and wasting time and money. In article 3 “Communities Now Take Frank Approach After Teen Suicide” author Peter Schworm and Ellen Ishkanian, confirms that bullying has gone undetected. When there 's life threatening bullying going on, it 's terrifying. It 's a call for parents to have a conversation with their kids. The shift toward discussing what 's going on more openly has been gradual. Basically the authors are stating that if bullying is going undetected then it could get life threatening and also if the parents and teachers could create a bond with their child or student then maybe they the children could feel safe enough to open up to them. In sum, bullying could go undetected. So, It is apparent that Schools should take a much more serious approach to bullying because it can go undetected. The
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