Bullying And Our Society Is Not More Than People Choosing

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The idea that there is no more bullying in our society is nothing more than people choosing to ignore the issue at hand, or they are truly unaware that there are many forms of bullying. One of these methods of bullying is cyber bullying. This is where anyone who knows how to use a computer can attack any other person without even having to see their face. On the issue of the news anchor this was how she was perceived to be bullied by someone who watches the show on occasion. This anonymous person made a claim that she was a terrible role model for kids, especially little girls. This claim was made solely on what they saw on the TV. Although, she may feel justified in her response, I do believe that personal matters should be kept personal and they should not be displayed publicly for everyone else to hear. I feel that it was very unprofessional of her doing so even if she was trying to relate it to whatever topic she had prepared to discuss that particular morning. There seems to be a gap between how these individuals believe the issue should have been handled. One believes that it should have been handled via Facebook because that is where they feel more comfortable. As for the other, it was taken via the air on live television, and that is how the other felt it should have been resolved. This means that with it was agreed on or not, that both would rather not handle their problems with each other face-to-face. This is what the stasis of place is not different between the
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