Bullying And Physical Well-Being: A Longitudinal Collective Case Study

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The article Impact of Workplace Bullying on Emotional and Physical Well-Being: A Longitudinal Collective Case Study by Lovell and Lee address the situation that is taking placed in the workplace. Thus, bullying is a psychosocial occupational hazard, is not a disease in itself but a psychosocial stressor directly linked to workplace conditions that adversely affects the physical and psychological health of people subjected to harassment, triggering physiological responses and emotional. 1. The purpose of this study discusses the consequences in the workplace involve the progressive destruction of the working life of the victim. Because that harassment tends to have employee absenteeism due to stress which can carry out to firing or refusing…show more content…
– 7. Among the most important findings of this study it is that the interviewed workers reported experiencing a deterioration of their health while they were at working. According to Lovell and Lee (2011), “however, the negative atmosphere led to reoccurrences of somatic symptoms from their chronic illnesses”. Undoubtedly, the constant exposure to a situation of psychological violence in a group can affect various forms of employee health. 8. In this study, no cultural issues were discussed but the beliefs of their employees as at times they felt their knowledge was negatively affected because they were measured by their knowledge and skills. 9. Among the strengths of this study it is that it tries to fix or improve not only what is wrong, but must also find strengths and virtues of individuals to achieve a better quality of life and greater well-being, which links directly to the ambitious goal of health promotion, expressed by top management of a company. The weakness I identified in this study is that the focus places the source of the harassment and explained by the individual or stalker, regardless of the organizational environment analysis of the…show more content…
The contribution of the social worker in the therapeutic aspects, from its intervention in labor relations, along with other constitutes a significant contribution in creating healthy work environments. To assist in therapeutic processes of the person being bullied, providing tools to understand what is living with the situation and comprehensive health care and to community and institutional resources that may be relevant to the situation. Positively influence the process of empowerment of it, in the defense of their needs and
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