Bullying And Psychological Distress

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This article examined how psychological distress can be impacted by bullying at school or online. Specifically, it was aimed at investigating how factors, such as sex, sexual orientation, and cooccurrence of both types of bullying, can mediate this relationship. The authors cited research suggesting that cyberbullying is correlated to negative school experiences, lower academic performance, negative perceptions of school, as well as increased emotional distress and anxiety. Of the roughly 20,000 high school students surveyed from an area near Boston, 16% reported suffering cyber bulling, 26% reported suffering school bullying, and 60% reported both. The authors found that instances of cyberbullying were more frequent among girls (18%) than boys (13%), as well as nonheterosexual individuals (33%) relative to heterosexual individuals (14%). The authors also found that school bullying decreases more (from 32% to 17%) than cyberbullying (from 17% to 13.4%) throughout one’s high school career. Having lower school attachment and performance was also found to make an individual twice as likely to suffer cyberbullying (11%) than having more average performance (5%).
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