Bullying And Social Media

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Bullying is intimidating someone by using superior strength or influence. There are three main types of bullying known as physical bullying, verbal bullying, and cyberbullying. Since 2011, the popularity of cyberbullying has increased by 85% because more children have access to social media. Tons of people do not know what cyberbullying is - it is any type of bullying via electronic medium, such as phone calls, text messages, and all social media. When cyberbullying started to become “popular”, it also caused the number of children 12 years old and up that mention self-harm to increase by 50%. There was little that could be done for those who were suffering through cyberbullying for the reason that not many adults understood social media and were unaware that this was happening.…show more content…
Parents and teachers got more involved with social media to keep track of the things that were being said. On mostly all social media apps, you can now report posts for bullying and they will contact police departments / school districts. More and more posts about bullying have gotten the attention of kids on school media, which has allowed them to take a step back and think about what they say before they say it. Although social media was at first a terrible thing for our world, it is starting to save children from being bullied due to the fact that adults can view
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