Bullying And The School A Safer Place

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“With ignorance comes fear – from fear comes bigotry. Education is the key to acceptance.” –Kathleen Patel. That is a famous saying that indirectly shows how to stop bullying, it says that to stop bullying people need to have a good education. Bullying is the act of aggressive and continuous behavior against a weaker person that leads to physical and/or mental injuries. Most of bullying cases occur during childhood and in school years; this makes a kid to be afraid of going to school and not seizing the opportunity of having a good education. To stop this serious problem schools must take action on an anti-bullying campaign and make the school a safer place. The imminent change needs to be promoted at two levels. First at the home level, the family needs to create a charming atmosphere where the kid feels love. Then in the classroom or school where teachers can provide direct discussions with children who are victims of bullying and with the ones who harass. The increasing number of bully victims in the last few years is outrageous. The family environment is the major cause of bullying because home education plays an important role in children´s behavior. When at home exists a lack of parental supervision, kids begin to feel insecure and this leads them to become a bully with hope that their parents focus more on their actions. The effects of bullying are very serious for short and long term periods. In a short the term kids may have low self esteem and are easily
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