Bullying And The Self Esteem

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According to psychologists and sociologists, bullies lack self-esteem and bully to boost their own self esteem. These bullies are also the victims of other bullies at school and/or at home and they act out on students at school to prove their self-worth . New research shows that most bullies have a higher self-esteem because they have a sense of entitlement and superiority over others, lack compassion, impulse control, and social skills. They enjoy being cruel to others and use bullying as an anger management tool, like a normally angry person would punch a pillow. Research supports the fact that bullies have low empathy and they do not know how it feels to be in someone’s shoes . They feel empowered and grumpy because they do not care about how the individual feels after they are physically and/or mentally abused. These bullies only care about pleasuring themselves instead of helping others. Bullies use their anger to manipulate an individual into doing what they want and show no empathy for these individuals because they are only an object in their world. They act out against their fellow classmates and teachers to instill their power into the classroom.
According to Jane St. Claire (n.d.) in her article “What Causes Bullies?” they have contempt for the weak and view them as their prey. They lack empathy and foresight and do not accept responsibility for their actions. “Bullying is a learned behavior and not a character trait…Researchers have not been able to find a link…

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