Bullying And Unloved

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What challenges do teenage boys really face? To begin, teenage boys say that they’re fine, but most boys really feel left out, bullied and unloved. Initially this is why it happens, because them being left out, they join gangs, their bullied so they sustain a life of drugs and alcohol and because of divorced parents. In fact, this can be prevented by supportive friends, leaders and loving parents. Although teen boys seem ok, most are struggling because of being unloved, drug abuse and because of lack of prevention.

To begin, how do teenage boys really feel? Most teenage boys actually feel left out. They don’t say because they are either too scared, nervous or prideful. Most teenage boys are actually bullied physically, mentally and also cyber bullying. Cyberbullying is the most common type of bullying, which in opinion is the worst type of bullying. The worst thing that makes teenage boys feel scared is that they are unloved. They are unloved by siblings, parents, teachers and even other classmates. Even though they may have a few friends, teenage boys do actually need a lot of attention.

Initially, teenage boys are left out, bullied and unloved, but these are the effects. Teens get into gangs, which make them feel like they are loved and have friends. This is not convenient because gangs get into fights and sadly, these fights can be
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Supportive friends are essential to teens daily lives. Leaders are also essential for support, advice and someone to talk to. Plus, they are role models for what to do in tough situations and how to act in certain situations. The most important is to come home to loving, supportive parents. Without these vital people, it could devastate a teen’s life now and in the future. For example, most teens feel neglected or not desired for, so about two percent of these teens join gangs, it doesn’t seem like much, but it actually is about 1,000,000
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