Bullying Being Mean

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The question might ask where the line should be drawn between bullying and being mean. Some people believe that fooling around, or being mean would almost be the same thing as if one were bullying someone else. The concept of bullying and being mean could stand together, but are usually separated into two different categories. Whether it affects the victim a little or a lot, bullying has more effects and consequences that create major pain and torture in the mind of the innocent victim rather than just being mean. Bullying can be incorporated between being mean and fooling around, but at the same time, saying “Just kidding” versus intentionally hurting the victim is a major difference.

Bullying is simply the act of being aggressive or violent against one particular person. Bullying is not a normal action as to being mean. “When you are mean, you are basically lashing out all your anger and frustration onto another person not meaning to”(Lohmann). For example one can be mean where there is a major disagreement, or
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They both have very different consequences, and can both hurt the victim. Bullying is basically fooling around and can connect to it in so many different ways. For example when you fool around and torment the same person on a constant basis, it will make them doubt their purpose of living, and that is a form of bullying. You are bullying them by allowing them to believe your foolish actions. Aggressive and mean behavior can be similar to bullying because not only can you be aggressive with a purpose, but you can intentionally change the person because of the words or actions you plot against them. Being mean and bullying both have very negative consequences upon a victim, especially if you have a mindset and intentional purpose to hurt that one specific person. When a bully plans to use words that are meant to hurt the victim, being mean and bullying are then combined as a single act of
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