Bullying Between School Students And Bullying

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Bullying Between School Students Bullying in the United States school systems has become a huge problem for police and other law enforcement agencies, since more and more students are communicating frequently through cell phones and Social Media.
According to OC Human Relations (OCHR) 1 it is estimated that, American schools harbor approximately 2.1 million bullies and 2.7 million victims. The OCHR also includes statistics of how bullying is affecting schools and students. OCHR states that about 15% of students absences are due to fear of being bullied by other classmates. Some students are afraid to talk about bullying but 71% of students reported incidents of bullying causing problems at their schools. Although 80% of students feel bad for the victims, but students say that only sometimes they actually try to prevent bullying.
OCHR talks about how teachers and school administration address bullying in their schools. Large amount of victims affected by bullying claim that teachers, and other staff members, at schools didn’t do much, if anything, to help stop the bullies. Only 35% of 9th graders believed their teachers were interested in interfering with bullies, and only 25% of administrative staff. Yet 70% of teachers believe that adults get involved almost all of the time.
A growing concern to victims of bullying is internet being everywhere at the touch of a button. Cell phones are used almost every hour of everyday to go on social media and text friends, family, etc.
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