Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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There are several ways students can put an end to bullying when they see it happen. One way is to tell the person who is bullying to knock it off, but this should only be done when it is safe to do so. If the witness is friends with the person who is bullying, they could also distract him by inviting him to do something else. A third way to handle the situation is to tell a trusted adult or teacher, but for this to work the adult must know how to deal with the situation appropriately. Another option is to befriend the person being bullied. This can significantly help combat feelings that are part of depression. And finally, the upstander (bystander that intervenes in a situation) can give the person being bullied an excuse to leave by telling him that an authority figure needs to talk to them immediately. Not all students exhibit warning signs when they are bullied, but some do and knowing these can help adults notice a bullying situation early on. For example, a person who is being bullied may suddenly start avoiding social situations or stop hanging out with their friends. This is only a warning sign for people who were really social to begin with. In addition to that and the side effects mentioned in the previous paragraph, students may suddenly begin losing possessions or coming home with them damaged. They might even start getting injuries they refuse to talk about. And last but not least, the person may start getting frequent stomach or headaches. (Department of

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