Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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Through a recent survey, Burton High School has incidents of female and males being physically bullied on the premise and cyber-bullying. The females reported more Cyber-bullying, off-school premises, through text massages and social media outlets. The males reported a higher rate of physical bullying on the school premise than the females. Students reported the occurrence of physical intimidation preventing younger students to access hallways. Also, student’s who are perceived as “different” are target and taunted. Currently, the bullying behavior seems to be accepted by the staff at Burton High School. The 2014 Bullying statistics indicate that school bullying prevention programs are known to decrease bullying in schools up to 25 percent. The implication of the Creating a Safe School, CASS would address bullying with a focus on reducing relational (social) aggression and provides a framework for positive changes in the school climate. CASS incorporates administrators, teachers, staff, and parents with students to work together to change the social culture in a school or school district. CASS is incorporated in various social settings and in the student curriculum. Individuals are taught to identify emotions in one’s self and others, distinguish between social norms and rules, determine positive qualities of friendships and leadership, and demonstrate positive online education. CASS is corporates of curriculums that may address aggression among boys and girls,

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