Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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Bullying was defined as overly powered strength used when intimidating one, demanding ones request. Cyberbullying was defined as using electronic devices such as computers, texting, cellphones, iPad’s, etc. Bullying and Cyberbullying are similar in so many ways. One major similarity is aggressiveness, which is used to cause harm to a victim. They both are done to cause the victim pain. Cyberbullying and Bullying are neither often reported. Bullying is repeated behavior over and over again. Those who bully are defined as having serious personal issues. There are three types of bullies: verbal bullying, physical bullying, and social bullying. Verbal bullying is when the victim was teased, threaten or humiliated. Bullies are often face to…show more content…
Billy’s mother doesn’t feel the need that she should tell him about his father. So he holds this big grudge and hate in his heart for people who have the perfect relationship with their father. Today is donuts for dad day. Each student is allowed to bring their father to school with them to have donuts. Billy doesn’t know his father, so seeing all the students with their dads made him feel some type of way. Jim is one of the star football players in the school, his dad shows up for donuts for dad day. Later on that afternoon once all the parents are gone, Billy decides to put on a show for his fellow classmates as they are getting their trays in the cafeteria. Jim gets his tray from the lunch lady, and on his way to his set Bill walks up. Bill ask “Hey dude do you want your milk?” Jim replies “Yes”. Bill says “You better give me your milk before I embarrass you in front of the entire student body.” Jim replies “No”. Bill then takes Jim’s milk off of his tray, opens it up, and then pours it on top of Jims head. That was a task of humiliation. Bill had built up so much animosity towards Jim only because he saw Jim having a great time with his father. It shows that Bill was using his personal issues to get back someone else. Bullying is done to entertain a small group of people. It can happen to anybody. The impact that it causes to the victim was long-lasting. The United States considered bullying as a major concern. (Responding).

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