Bullying Essay

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Bullying mentally and physically affects people's well being. This abuse occurs not only in schools around us, but also worldwide. Bullying is a problem, and people need to figure out ways to solve it. There are a lot of different types of bullying: such as, cyber, verbal, social, and physical. Every year nearly 48% of students are bullied. Bullying itself cannot be resolved, but there are ways to help prevent it from happening.
High School bullying is very common, and causes a lot of conflicts with fellow students and also teachers. In today’s society individuals think it is ok to just take their feelings out on others through a series of different ways. Bullying is an individual's way of feeling better about themself. This has been one
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I first hand have witnessed someone that was bullied to her breaking point. Her and I were friends, she always seemed happy and never seemed to be worried about what people thought about her. She had one bad day in particular that she had told me everything about her bullies and I informed her that I would be there for her more. A week later she was gone. It is real, bullying has real effects on people that takes them to the point of wanting to end their lives. In today's society bullying is just another thing, but it is a major problem and should not be forgotten about.
How help someone being bullied? If it is witnessed, tell an adult, stand up to the bully. Individuals being bullied should have someone to talk to, and the people bullying them should be disciplined.There should be harsher punishments for those who victimize others. Although, I believe there should be help involved for them too. Not only are they bullying, but there more or less is a reason they are doing it. The bullies as well should have someone to talk to, someone to reassure them that everything will be okay for them too. 90% of the time an individual that physically or mentally abuses someone is either down on themselves, has a hard time at home, or is jealous of the individual they harass. People need to stick up for the adolescents in these situations, offer them some kind of support.
Bullying is a very common thing in high schools, and affects teenage individuals both
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