Essay on Bullying In America

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Bullying is an act that is an everyday occurrence in some people’s lives. Bullying can be direct or indirect. What this means, is that bullying can be in the form of violence such as hitting and kicking or in the form of verbal abuse such as name calling and teasing. Manipulation and exclusion are also forms of bullying. Bullying can be taken into consideration as a minor assault but any form should be taken seriously. Whether it is taken to an extreme, done over a long or short period of time, or only a one time thing, bullying is bullying and should not be tolerated. I have heard about an episode of bullying myself. My friend back in elementary school was telling me how she witnessed her friend being bullied almost everyday during …show more content…
This study was conducted by the Toronto’s Board of Education and further studies have indicated that most bullying takes place in and around school. Studies on the effects of bullying have many negative factors. These negative factors do not only affect the victim but the bully and the environment in which the bullying is taking place. Studies about the effects of bullying show that those who bully are more likely to drop out of school and less likely to attend school regularly. Studies also show that those who bully are at a higher probability to be involved with violence, criminality, and delinquency in their future. Bullying can lead to low self-esteem and confidence, poor concentration, depression, illnesses, isolation, physiological and health problems, and suicide. It also takes away from the safe and educational environment in a school setting. So how do we stop this? Perhaps we can not stop violence from happening all over the world, but we can do something about this violence. Proven nonviolent strategies that could decrease the incidence of bullying can be taken at many levels. There is the government level in which studies can be conducted about bullying. Anti-bullying laws can be anticipated and brought out. The law enforcement level is where the police, officials, and those of authority can step in and enforce the laws against bullying. The school system

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