Bullying In American Schools

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Bullying is a growing problem in American schools; an increase in bullying over a period of time can lead to suicide or negative impacts on health. Although some believe that students should not be formally charged for bullying, they should be because that is a cruel act and could lead to negative things. Opponents suggest that students should not be formally charged with bullying. They argue that students do not have the capacity to understand the consequences of their actions. For example, if a student bullies another student, they have no way of knowing that their actions could lead to that student harming themselves. Opponents of bullying believes that students should be formally charged for bullying in schools. Being a bully’s victim…show more content…
Aggressive bullies usually want power, is well known, and have a gang of passive bullies (Lee and Ginsburg). Others believe bullying can be dealt with in other ways rather than being charged. Due to the increase of internet usage, cyber bullying has risen and continues to. This is the most common type of bullying and yet the most difficult to solve. Bullies can create fake accounts in order to harass other children, and because of the increase of internet usage; information can be shared rapidly. Many have questions on why do bullies even exist and why do they do the things they do. Some research says bullies are insecure and lack attention at home. Bullies usually choose a person to be vulnerable in some way, and switch on them if they don't get what they want (Jacobs and McMahon). For example, it seem like attractive girls get bullied a lot by girls who doesn’t get paid as much attention like them. Bullies feel unwanted so they do what's necessary for them to get attention. They make others feel bad about themselves because they feel bad…show more content…
They argue there should be a collaboration and involvement of authority figures to solve the issue (Yousefi). They also believe that if a bully is charged it would cause an increase in negative behavior towards the victim, because others may think the accusations or arrest were unjustified. Its impact can be devastating to the accused and unhelpful to the victim (Yousefi). People would begin calling the victim words like “snitch” and “scarycat”, or even the victim being attacked by the bullies friends. Although majority of the time, victims do not want to share their problems with authority figures. They become socially inactive, which makes them not want to share their issues. Bullying is very cruel and can be devastating. It's hard for others to understand the pain they go through, which causes others to be against the bully being charged. Now, In the last decade or so when internet began spreading like wildfire, we realized things like this should be controlled and tamed. Anti-Bully laws were enacted in order to secure safety in
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