Bullying In Australia Essay

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People are bullied for many reasons, mostly because of their sexual persuasion, racial issues, attitude, weight and even clothing. Sometimes bully can leads to abusing the victim, end up the trauma of bullying hits the newspaper and the terrible scenario has happened. Perhaps a person has harmed their own self or someone else has stepped over the line and hurt them. Bully usually take places in the silence place such as classroom, a street corner or a home so that the victim can’t called for help. Bullies have the ability to create havoc and seem like the innocent party. There are some example of bully cases happen across the globe.

Household, Income and Labour Dynamics Australia (HILDA) have reported their survey data recently that a mother who was distraught and claimed that her 11 years old son, Thomas Thompson committed suicide due to depression by bully. He took the painkillers overdose, just then he suffered fatal heart attack. His mother mentioned he was bullied since he was at Riverside Primary School until when he start his secondary education at Wallasey School the bully still continued. The victim had told her sister that he was teased, and abused by strangling him and poking him. His mother had reported this to his
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Mostly what students fear the most is being beaten by a group of not well behaviour gang. This way of bullying may bring the biggest affect to the victims mentally and physically. For some other reason, the victims also felt that they were unsecure and feared that they might get kicked or punched and other forms of violence by them, so they decided to joined the gang group. As a result, the gang filled with weak victims. Newspaper article report about bully many times but no witness to the event and the instigator of the problem is able to hide at the corner and pretend innocent until the
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