Bullying In Erin Murphy's White Lies

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One of my most loathed singers, Taylor Swift, once stated, “If they don 't like you for being yourself, be yourself even more.” However, in Erin Murphy’s ‘White Lies’, this is not the case for young Connie, who was a quiet albino girl, new to Arpi’s school. Regardless of her desperate efforts to be accepted by her classmates, they were not warming up to her. Taking action, her mother helped Connie figure out a way to make her classmates talk to her and like her. I agree with her mother’s decision to help her daughter, even if it wasn’t the truth. Bullying is becoming an increasingly important problem for parents, school administrators and teachers on a vast scale. I cannot imagine how my parents felt when they discovered I was being…show more content…
Every move I made on and off the court from making a terrible pass or even when I would sneeze or laugh was ridiculed. There was no escape. That loud, brain-rattling bell that signaled the end of the class was my hero, my white knight. I could have my clothes changed, hair combed to perfection and books packed away by the time it rang. No matter how fast I would run out of the locker room, it was never fast enough. This cycle continued for a few weeks or so and only really got to me when they started calling me names. My favorite of the bunch was “scoreboard”. There was one unfortunate practice where I tried to pass the ball and somehow managed to shoot it up and away from the court into the... you guessed it, scoreboard. Already mortified, it didn’t help when I was changing clothes that my ears rang with the sound of their chanting, “Scoreboard. Scoreboard. Scoreboard.” Unable to help myself I ran into one of the bathroom stalls my cheeks stained with tears and my eyes flowing like a mountain stream. It did not end there. Before school the next day, my father dropped me off at school early for tutorials. My parents have been divorced for almost 13 years which sparked confusion in me when my mother texted me saying she was picking me up and for me not to go to first period, which was volleyball. It was not until we arrived at the Cracker Barrel almost 20 minutes away that my mother asked me. “Are you okay? What’s been going on in first period?”, she questioned

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