Bullying . In Life There Is No Perfect Picture For A Non-Violent

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In life there is no perfect picture for a non-violent world, but then we turn to school, work forces and sadly enough, we as a community reach the point of having to find ways to prevent bullying. Bullying as we see is as a whole can create a foundation that certain people don’t want to particularly be involved with, such as school environments, workforces or even a neighborhood. This is a worldwide incident that is going on and people are getting hurt emotionally, physically and even spiritually as well through this bullying. If you have been worrying about this or concerning yourself with your own kids being bullied there are ways and solutions that can help prevent and possibly create boundaries’ from bullies. Bullies are
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This article has the opinion that “Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school can negatively impact their ability to learn”( We first see as stated in this article “Prevention at School” that steps such as assess bullying in your school is a major key part. That means that in order to make sure that you are taking the right steps you must conduct assessments, interview certain kids you see a problem with and even have parents intervene with the situation.
Going off this article the next step that they suggest is engaging the parents and youth. This is such a key part of bullying not only do you want to see why the kid is bullying, but also get a feel for how he is getting raised by his elders. You not only see it through actions you can also see bullying through communication as well. Social media plays a huge part in bullying it can happen anywhere at anytime with a person writing, tagging or tweeting a picture and from there you have no control. Throughout reading this deeply thought out article they discuss other key two points that is building a safe environment and creating rules. Waking up every morning as a kid and about to go to school feeling safe is a big part of making sure that the school they attend is safe and most importantly is strict when it comes to policies and rules. Without having any kind of instruction and or rule bullying throughout schools will continue happening.
We turn to another great
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