Bullying In Physical Education

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Bullying is a form of insecurity in which, both the perpetrator and the victim are impacted psychologically. During physical education most children are bullied because of gender, physically, sexual orientation, etc., which can lead to trauma later on and life and fear of intervening. Through heroism and educating children prior to a bullying incident can reduce the impact it has in physical education and in schools. The impact bullying has made in physical education has prevented the victims to further become physically active due to the fear of encountering the situation again or have yet not been taught how to manage those type of situations. Furthermore, bullying can be in many forms whether it is verbally or physically, which are the…show more content…
Children are more likely to be bullied if they are obese rather than a child who is fit and has great physical attributes, the reason for that is simple because of the inability to perform at the same level of a child who is fit. Bullied during physical education causes the victim to be embarrassed about their physical appearance and psychologically, they become too afraid to perform ever again so they rather sit in the sidelines and watch instead. “A year later, kids who are picked on are less active…” (Collins 2014), meaning that once the victim experiences that level of psychological trauma, they automatically fear the possibility of it occurring again, which is why they rather refrain from any activity whether it’s a year later or for the rest of their lives. Children who are obese feel embarrassed to even stick their heads out during physical education because of the fear and insecurity embedded to them through…show more content…
Educating students about the topic beforehand is one of them “… [but] not only toward the physical domain but also toward the emotional, social, and cognitive domains” (Wenos, Trick & Williams 2014). Since children spend the majority of their days in school, teachers should focus more on how to educate the students on the topic so that when they are to come across it they already know how to handle the situation. The concept of “heroism” among elementary school teachers is to educate kids to stand up to injustices created by bullying, which will promote bravery. Impacting children at a young age of the concept that they are capable of becoming “heroes” if they learn to speak up when necessary, can lead to less chances of bullying occurring in physical education and later on in life. Physical education has become the cite of massive bullying, due to the lack of knowledge kids have about the topic as well as a lack of promoting “heroism…” (Wenos, Trick & Williams 2014). Heroism can have such a huge impact in bullying, specially in the physical education area because that is where most bullying occurs; by teaching children that standing up to this type of abuse, more and more children will not be afraid of being “different” according to
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