Bullying In The K-12 System In America Is A Serious Societal

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Bullying in the K-12 system in America is a serious societal issue. Bullying is commonly discussed and argued in our society, and it can be seen on the news and in the media very frequently. The problem with bullying is that it has been around for a long time, yet it is still not being fixed. Schools cannot continue this way because it damages young children and causes issues throughout the life course. As scholars have found, bullying leads to lower academic performance and low self-esteem, which shows the need for change. In a survey of about 50 peers, 43% agree that bullying is an issue, and 35% strongly agree with the statement. This means that more than 75% of respondents agree that bullying is an issue in our country. All teachers,…show more content…
While one person considers something an act of bullying; others may not. Teachers need to incorporate ways to teach what bullying is and is not. Erica Upton-Wurst, a local high school teacher of fifteen years, says that the sad truth about bullying is that it is inevitable. Her viewpoint, along with many other educators, is that bullying has gone to the extreme, and students will consider almost anything to be bullying. She suggests that it is important to educate students on what is considered bullying. Kristie Fingerson, a local elementary school teacher of fourteen years, suggests something similar to Upton-Wurst. She advocates that teachers need to be diligent in setting expectations and consequences. Current, and future teachers, need to let students know right away what is and is not tolerated. Bullying is mentioned in handbooks, but after the first week of school handbooks are hardly used. Teachers should bring up handbook guidelines throughout the year. The results from the survey and interviews I conducted demonstrated the difference in perspectives of teachers compared to students. The teachers thought that their school was actively reducing bullying, while respondents to the survey thought their schools were not helping. This means that there is no common ground for bullying, and that could be why bullying is not changing overall. In the survey,

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